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Tony Sangiamo is a family law attorney in York PA with personal attention at affordable rates. We’re dedicated to providing professional and personalized legal services to clients going through a divorce.

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The separation of a family is heartbreaking, no matter who causes it. Post-marriage financial obligations must be addressed, decisions must be made about where children will live and on what schedule, and all this usually must be done during a period of shattered emotions and personal destabilization. Sometimes property must be distributed.

A lot of tension results from people struggling with who “made things fall apart”, with self-doubt, and with anger at the other person involved.

Ever since 1980, Pennsylvania Courts no longer care much about who was “at fault” for a marriage not working out. The law’s main goal is to get the parties started on their new independent lives in a fair manner and to try to arrange child custody in the best interests of each child. If this can be done by agreement, then Judges appreciate that everyone is spared the destructive fighting back and forth of a battle over property or kids. A lawyer can help you reach such an agreement if it is possible.

If it is not possible to reach an agreement, then a lawyer can help you understand your rights and make clear to the Court why you should get the property or money for which you are asking, and make clear to the Court why your custody proposal should be approved.

I can help you understand what you may have a right to under the divorce laws and how the Court will determine what is best for your child or children if you and the other parent cannot agree, and then fight to get the Court to understand your point of view.

As I reached 60 years of age in 2019, I looked back at years during which I myself had to piece together my life and help piece together the lives of my children, after failing to keep my own family intact. I see no difference between myself and those in need of legal services. I respect them as I respect myself, and I say this with regarding each area of law in which I practice.

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