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Meet Tony Sangiamo

Tony Sangiamo
Attorney Tony Sangiamo

Facing a tough time or life changing circumstance that requires legal advice? Attorney Tony Sangiamo takes pride in providing excellent communication and service to each client looking for help. If you’re looking for a down-to-earth attorney to represent you in York or Harrisburg, PA, don’t hesitate to reach out to Tony!

Meet Tony Sangiamo

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Tony is here to help!!!!

With over 28 years of experience representing people, small businesses, and corporations, York, PA, attorney Tony Sangiamo is ready to help!


Making the American Dream Happen for you and your Family. Contact me for help in your immigration matters.

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Divorce/Custody Lawyer

Need advice because the breakup is happening "right now"? Unsure where things are going but want to know your options? Need help with an agreement? Need a lawyer for Court? Contact me for help.

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Criminal Defense Lawyer

Maybe you did something wrong; maybe you didn't. Either way, you want competent help in getting past this. In jail or out, about to be charged or going to trial, contact me for help.

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Bankruptcy Lawyer

Can't pay your debts and need a fresh start? Need to save your house from foreclosure or a tax sale? Need help with your tax debt or car payments? Contact me for help in regaining control.

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Civil Litigation Lawyer

Being sued on a credit card or vehicle debt, or by some other company or person? Have you been financially harmed by another and need to bring suit? Time deadlines apply. Contact me for help.

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